quantified journaling

a central app and website

for your life:logging's like...

Yes but... no.


there are two big  problems with journaling.

A verry time consuming input and allmost no output


Yes there are tons of selftracking apps. One for your health, one for your car, one for your what ever.

So you end up with dozens of apps tracking some thing.

1 app, 3 Qs

What? Who? How mutch?

3 Answers for every journal input and you can track everthing in one app.

The 'where' and 'when' will be answerd by your phone.

It's a smart phone


food, sleep, wheight, expenses, fuel, mood, kids, working time, travel. hobby, pregnancy, places milestones. Even your sex life if you feel a need for that.

1 app?

No. There's nothing wrong with your selftraking apps.

But let ego:notes collect all the data from your apps in a central place

and put it on a time line.

personel big data

If there is a coreolation between sleep and mood or  food and working time you'll see it. But only if you have your personal big data central staion.

pants down?

No, we're not selling your personel data to the dark side.

There will ba a premium service avalable in the future, at the costs of a capuchino per month.

All your data is safely stored on our servers here in switzerland.

Yep, let's start!

Well... not right now,

we are working on it.

In the mean time we recommend to practice patience and signup our news letter to keep you up to date.


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